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Solid State 240Vac Dual Relay
AMF 82-90 and XL Sweep and Table

Solid State 240Vac Single Relay
AMF 82-90 and XL Sweep and Table

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AMF 82-70 Sweep and Table Contactor
(Allen-Bradley 16Amp)
and optional Double Mounting Bracket

AMF 82-90 and XL Backend Motor Relay
12Vdc SPNO

AMF 82-70 SS Backend Motor Relay
24Vac Coil (new style)

AMF 82-70 MP Backend Motor Relay
24Vdc Coil

AMF 82-70 SS
XO-P Score Kit
Sweep Reverse

12Vdc 11 pin for AMF 82-70 SS Spot Relay              
24Vac 11 pin for AMF 82-70 SS M1, M2                  
24Vac 11 pin for AMF 82-70 MP M1, M2, Spot Relay

AMF Radaray Plus (type 1)
12Vdc Coil

AMF Radaray Plus (type 2)
12Vdc Coil

AMF 82-90 and XL Pindeck Light etc
4 - 10Vdc Solid State

AMF Magnum - Vacuum and Buffer
AMF Dual Pit Light
12Vdc SPCO

AMF Lane C Board
5Vdc Latching

Kegel Crossfire PLC
24Vdc Coil

Tenpintec Foul Detector Version 1
12Vdc SPCO 10A

Tenpintec LaneMinder2
Tenpintec Ball Trigger
12Vdc SPCO

Brunswick GS HV board
24Vdc SPCO

12Vdc SPCO

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