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Coloursplash RGB
LED Pit Light (Pin Deck Light) for Pinspotter and Pinsetter machines




Coloursplash logo

  • Also known as "Zot Colorsplash" in the USA
  • No fragile fluorescent tubes!
  • Ultra-High Brightness RED, GREEN and BLUE LEDs each have 256 steps of brightness when controlled by DMX512, giving 16.8 million different colours!
  • When RED, GREEN and BLUE LEDs are switched on together, they make WHITE light. The relative intensity of the three colours can be adjusted to create WARM WHITE, COOL WHITE, DAYLIGHT WHITE and variations in between
  • Compatible with camera based scoring
  • The 1200mm long LED arrays can also be used for a wide variety of general lighting situations where a high degree of colour and brightness variation and control is required
  • Controlled from the front desk, the Coloursplash pindeck light can change colour on lane pairs, larger blocks of lanes or the whole bowling centre at the touch of a button or two.
  • The colour effects can be static or dynamic - slowly rotating or following a pre-programmed pattern on lane pairs, larger blocks or across the whole centre.


Colour-changing pindeck lights help to create a bright, fun atmosphere for all kinds of in-centre events including
  • kids' parties
  • fun leagues
  • corporate functions

Put the FOCUS back on the PINS

Colour for FUN - White for SERIOUS BOWLING


Coloursplash is designed to be controlled by standard DMX512.
Any commercial DMX controller can be used This one is an LT-800


Cables to the LED arrays carry low voltage only, making the Coloursplash much safer than traditional 115V fluorescent pit light fixtures


The Coloursplash control box mounts on the curtain wall and plugs into a standard power outlet (115 or 240V)


The Coloursplash array is fitted with adjustable mounting brackets to enable optimal illumination of the pins


The blue light from the Coloursplash creates a dramatic glowing effect on UV reactive pins - even more outstanding than most "black-light" tubes


Colour-changing pindeck lights help to create a bright, fun atmosphere for all kinds of in-centre events


  • With a simple to use pre-programmed LT-800 DMX controller, you can be up and running in no time with stunning colour effects on your pins
  • PIT-LED is also suitable for many illumination purposes other than for bowling pins, such as colour-washing walls and general lighting where a high degree of control is required over colour and brightness.
  • Each LED array has 12 custom made multi-chip, high brightness RGB LEDs. Each colour chip is 3 Watts at maximum power. At maximum power, the emitted light is extremely bright and when used to illuminate pins, we recommend using DMX to regulate the brightness down to a suitable level.
  • Even more mind-blowing full colour visual effects can be created using a computer with DMX control software. Effects such as colour chasing, music or video synchronisation and ambiance lighting can be produced on single lanes, pairs, groups of lanes or across the entire bowling centre - imagine ...


  • Very safe - only low voltage power (approx. 48VDC) goes to the LED array (light unit mounted on front of machine)
  • Control Box plugs into 115 - 240VAC (auto-switching CE rated power supply)
  • Uses worldwide standard DMX-512 control protocol
  • Quick and easy field installation
  • Compatible with all types of scoring and cameras
  • Expected lifetime of LEDs is upwards of 50,000 hours
  • 12 month warranty

Fitting guides:
  PIT-LED RGB V4   Original 21 SEP 2012
  TECH BULLETIN     31 DEC 2014
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Part No. Description
CS-PL-04 Coloursplash (Per Lane) 5kg  
  Accessories and Spare Parts    
LE-C013 LT-800 DMX Controller (simple, pre-programmed) 1kg
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USA ZOT Pinsetter Parts 800-525-8116  
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