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Kegel Education
  • 2010 Kegel Australia Roadshow - Done
  • 2011 Kegel Australia Roadshow - Done
  • 2013 Kegel Level 1 Training Courses - Done
  • 2014 Australia Roadshow - Done
  • 2016 Kegel Level 1 Training Courses - Done
Kegel Lane Machines installed by Tenpintec
  • 2011 Walker Sport Edition - Sugarbowl Innisfail QLD
  • 2011 Kustodian Plus - Bowlarama Wetherill Park NSW
  • 2014 FLEX Walker - Raymond Terrace NSW
  • 2015 FLEX - Go Bowling Ashmore QLD
  • 2015 FLEX - Twin Cities Tenpin Wodonga VIC
  • 2016 FLEX Walker - Bowland Salisbury SA
  • 2016 FLEX - Alice Springs Dustbowl NT
  • 2016 FLEX - Caboolture Bowl QLD
  • 2016 IKON - Star Bowling Griffith NSW
  • Your machine, your bowling centre?

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A few tips:

  • Don't let your your machine lose its memory.
    PLC batteries have a limited life - Change them about every 2-3 years
  • If you have the old style cushion roller 153-8838 and it's due for replacement: Replace it with the new style roller 153-8839. This roller has replaceable cloth covers so you don't have to put in a whole new roller each time. The new style roller cleans the lane a lot better too.
  • If you have a battery machine, take care of those batteries.
    • Keep the batteries fully charged.
    • Make sure the machine runs smooth and true.
    • Keep the machine speed as high as possible, especially while vacuum is running. Take care that cleaning is not adversely affected.

On 1st September 2009, tenpintec purchased the Kegel distribution business of Usher Resurfacing. We are now building on the great work Chris Usher did by adding substantially to the product range we hold in stock, including spare parts.

We also have Kegel factory trained staff on hand to provide a full service facility. This includes sales and service of machines, product guidance, lane maintenance and pattern advice.